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Re: Oxford UP DSS CD-ROM

Yes, the Oxford CD-Rom version (published with Brill),  prepared/edited  by
Timothy Lim and Philip Alexander is certainly on the high side--$2225/2490
(depending on whether one subscribes to get Vol II as well)  for Volume 1
according to the slick broshure I picked up at the AAR/SBL booth in N.O.
The first volume contains 6000 high resolution images of all the scroll
photos (on 3 CDs) and Vol II will contain cross-linked transcriptions,
selected translations, bibliography, etc.  Subsequent volumes containing
additional materials and updates are promised.  According to the literature
the software that comes with the CDs allows for sophisticated searches
(wildcard, proximity, etc.), zooming, manipulation, etc.

The FARMS-BYU people also had a booth advertising their DSS database still
in development.  According to their broshure it will comprise a fully
indexed, cross-linked computerized collection of nonbiblical (and later
biblical) DSS transcriptions, a selection of digitized images from
photographs, selected translations and reference materials.  No price was
given though I was told it would be considerably cheaper than the
Oxford/Brill CDs...but it sounds like this project is quite different in
that it is not presenting one with all the photos but only selections and is
focused on transcriptions while the Brill/Oxford is the other way
around--all the photos first, then transcriptions and some translations to
follow.  The BYU people also note that they are still in the process of
negotiating with Oxford/Brill to include some of their copyright materials
(DJD, etc.) so it sounds like we might have a wait on this one in that
Oxford/Brill has theirs ready to go as of now and surely wants the jump on
the market.

James Tabor

   At 11:05 AM 11/29/96 +100, you wrote:
>A student just handed me a print-out from the Oxford UP web page 
>announcing the publication (for Nov. 96) of a CD-ROM edition of 
>photographs of the scrolls.  Does anyone have further information or 
>evaluation?  Has this publication been mentioned previously on Orion?
>David Suter
>Saint Martin's College
>A demonstration edition was presdented at the SBL National this week. 
>It may be indispensable but extremely costly (almost ridiculous so). 
>It should for the first part, the pictures be ready around dec 1, 96, 
>with another volume to follow in a year. It is done by OUP and Brill 
>in cooperation. They have a folder, if you ask for it.
>Niels Peter Lemche
>Dep. Biblical Studies
>University of Copenhagen
>Phone: 45 49 13 81 24
>Fax: 45 49 13 81 28
>e-mail: npl@teol.ku.dk