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Re: wasting our time

Peter and all,
What I find to be even more a "waste of time" is when a post contains dozens
of replies, counterreplies, and further replies, all laid out in a string
with the little >> from the last two or three postings so one would have to
spend an hour to sort it all out as to who is saying or has said what to
whom.  I know this has been mentioned before but would it not be much better
to just reply and perhaps quote a FEW lines of relevant material from the
posting to which one refers rather than these pages of running confusion
with several messages repeated in whole, broken up, etc.  Most of us follow
the running argument, and if not it is in the archives for the record, so
all we need is a signal reminder as to the relevant point or portion to
which one wishes to reply.

James Tabor