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Re: Oxford UP DSS CD-ROM

A student just handed me a print-out from the Oxford UP web page 
announcing the publication (for Nov. 96) of a CD-ROM edition of 
photographs of the scrolls.  Does anyone have further information or 
evaluation?  Has this publication been mentioned previously on Orion?

David Suter
Saint Martin's College

A demonstration edition was presdented at the SBL National this week. 
It may be indispensable but extremely costly (almost ridiculous so). 
It should for the first part, the pictures be ready around dec 1, 96, 
with another volume to follow in a year. It is done by OUP and Brill 
in cooperation. They have a folder, if you ask for it.

Niels Peter Lemche
Dep. Biblical Studies
University of Copenhagen
Phone: 45 49 13 81 24
Fax: 45 49 13 81 28
e-mail: npl@teol.ku.dk