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Re: Bibliography message from Heather

     Dear Subscribers to the ORION net, 
        In connection with the recent enquiries about the Qumran 
     bibliography, it is my duty to inform you that the "Qumran 
     Chronicle" volume 6, dated December 1996 (to be released by post 
     in January 1997) contains a very large selection of the current 
     bibliography on the Dead Sea Scrolls. The several hundred items 
     quoted in the issue (in alphabetic order by authors) include only 
     books and journals dated 1996. 
        Publishing a current bibliography of the discoveries at the 
     Dead Sea is one of the main features of the "Qumran Chronicle". 
     We have already listed 460 items for the years 1992-1993, and 
     501 items for 1994. The selection for 1995 appeared in the 
     December 1995 issue. 
       All people interested should contact the Editor by e-mail: 

       Thank your for your attention, 
                             yours truly 
       Dr. Zdzislaw J. Kapera, Editor, QUMRAN CHRONICLE, 
       ul. Borsucza 3/58, 30- 408 Krakow, Poland