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Re: orion 2nd Century Flora & Fauna Query


The Society for the Preservation of Nature (a well known organization in
Israel -- I think it's called *Xevrah le-haganat ha-teva`*) must surely
have someone who knows about the topics you are pursuing.   They are the
ones who administer the nature preserve around En-gedi.

Unfortunately I have no idea of their address or e-mail. Maybe someone else
on this list can give it to you?

Judith Romney Wegner

>My current research involves the general area of the Judean wilderness
>and particularly the western shore of the Dead Sea (say, En-Gedi to
>Sedom)in the period of late 1st to mid 2nd centuries C.E.
>Can anyone suggest a resource (person or organization) who might be
>responsive to e-mail correspondence on either of these two subjects:
>(1) PaleoBotany.  Interested in the plant life of that area in that
>time, including foragable plants and the Balsam (Commiphora) industry;
>(2) PaleoZoology (Mammalian). Interested in  specifically which species
>of Bat(s) might have roosted in the caves of the wadis (such as Nahal

>Barry J. Yarkon