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orion 2nd Century Flora & Fauna Query


My current research involves the general area of the Judean wilderness
and particularly the western shore of the Dead Sea (say, En-Gedi to
Sedom)in the period of late 1st to mid 2nd centuries C.E.

Can anyone suggest a resource (person or organization) who might be
responsive to e-mail correspondence on either of these two subjects: 

(1) PaleoBotany.  Interested in the plant life of that area in that
time, including foragable plants and the Balsam (Commiphora) industry;

(2) PaleoZoology (Mammalian). Interested in  specifically which species
of Bat(s) might have roosted in the caves of the wadis (such as Nahal

Any leads would be helpful. Thanks very much.

Barry J. Yarkon