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Re: orion translation central?

To moderator: all references to political present removed.

To Prof. Cryer:

The appologia of Josephus has to do with the validity of Jewish culture in
the sense that it is interesting, relevant, moral, source of true
knowledge, of ancient pedigree, not primitive or redundant, etc.. It is 
entirely clear to me that defending the cultural virtues of Judaism was a
very relevant goal to Josephus and others at the time of the Roman
conquest. What's missing in Josephus is any kind of notion that he is
proving some kind of "legitimacy" of land rights. Once again, he is
certainly not proving the right of Jews to an autonomous polity, and
the Romans are not disputing the rights of Jews to live in Judea under
Roman authority. With the first claim impossible and the second
unnecessary, proving rights to land (by spinning stories about comming
from elsewhere?) simply cannot be the reason for creating the OT.

	Asia Lerner