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Re: orion response to R. Gmirkin (long)

>   I am a bit suprised that the many sources on the Hasideans is very much
>ignored. There are perhaps hundreds of references to the Hasideans in
>Mishnaic sources; from life style, to folkways, from martyrologies to
>victories. Why is it so ignored? Example: Jose ben Joezer (my choice for
>RT) was a leader of the Hasidean movement who was killed by his nephew,
>Alcimus (IMHO the WP).

The sources have not been ignored. John Kampen's book deal with them.

Maybe the term HSYDYM is regularly used of the same group. Maybe not. 1 and
2 Maccabees contradict each other here, since 2 Macc does not present ehm
as a group, but as all thoseled by Jodas (who implicitly was one of them).
        As for the Great Sanhedrin; there is no contemporary evidence for
any such body. It is very probably a Mishnaic fiction.

Philip R Davies
Department of Biblical Studies
University of Sheffield