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Re: orion response to R. Gmirkin

Bradley Harrison wrote:

>...Jose ben Joezer (my choice for
>RT) was a leader of the Hasidean movement who was killed by his nephew,
>Alcimus (IMHO the WP).  
>Jose ben Joezer, as some may know, was the first Nasi of the Sanhedrin

You might read Jacon Neusner, The Rabbinc Traditions About the Pharisees
Before 70 (E J Brill, 1971) 1.76-77, which gives a critical evaluation of the
tradition to which you refer.  He points out that it had no connections to
other traditions about Yosi b. Yo'ezer, and appears to echo some of the late
legends of R. Aqiba's martyrdom.  He discounts the identification of Yakim of
Sururot with Alcimus or any historical conclusions made thereby.

Best wishes,
Russell Gmirkin