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Re: orion response to R. Gmirkin (long)

> Maybe the term HSYDYM is regularly used of the same group. Maybe not. 1 and
> 2 Maccabees contradict each other here, since 2 Macc does not present ehm
> as a group, but as all thoseled by Jodas (who implicitly was one of them).
>         As for the Great Sanhedrin; there is no contemporary evidence for
> any such body. It is very probably a Mishnaic fiction.
> Philip R Davies
> Department of Biblical Studies
> University of Sheffield
    Mishnaic fiction? Even in the DSS this fiction was refered to and even
duplicated in their own political tradition. Your position is very
ethnocentric I fear, i.e. if it is written in a traditional Jewish sources
then it is fiction. I suppose Christ's trial was fiction, and when Paul
presented himself to the Sanhedrin, this was fiction too. Sorry sir, but I
will present to you later other sources for the Sanhedrin. I hope you do
not mind that I use other words as since the Greek source I am thinking of 
called it a Gerousia (sp?) as other groups had other names for it too. But
I would suppose Greek and Roman sources are more authoritative concerning
Jewish culture than the Jewish sources? I could never accapt such a
position on a vast resource of information about Jewish history and
civilization as a massive body of Mishnaic fiction! This is not science,
it isinstitutionalized ignorance!! The Mishnah is a very important, too
important, to be looked down  upon in such a way.