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orion Semitic bibliography

Project title: A Bibliography of Semitic Linguistics

I invite colleagues all over the world to cooperate on a projected
Bibliography of Semitic Linguistics by sending offprints or lists of their
publications either by mail or e-mail to my address below. 

When I got my first computer - a Macintosh SE - I decided to transfer my
bibliographical notes from handwritten sheets of paper to a series of
MacWrite documents. Since then the collection has been steadily growing,
very much like a stamp collection. In its present form the data base
version comprises 5237 records (or cards). The largest single language
group is Hebrew with 1446 records followed by Arabic with 1124 records. The
earliest title is Vassalli's Grammatica melitensis from 1791.

However, emphasis is on publications from the twentieth century and on
pre-modern stages of the Semitic languages, though I add titles on modern
Semitic particularly monographs and standard works on the more important
languages and dialects as well as discussions of diachronic aspects of
these languages. A somewhat greater attention to fringe dialects means that
the overall coverage of modern Aramaic is more comprehensive than that of
modern Arabic.

Since there is evidently a need for a comprehensive bibliography of our
field, I plan to publish the material in book form. After my retirement
from the University of Oslo I spend a large part of my time working on the
bibliography. A complete coverage is unrealistic, but even a less ambitious
project will meet difficulties particularly in registration of the most
recent literature and titles published outside the better known journals
and series. Therefore, I repeat my invitation for colleagues to cooperate
by sending offprints or lists of their publications either by mail or
e-mail to my address below.

Bibliographical items should state author's name, year of publication, full
title of contribution including journal or other serial publication and
range of pages. Items other than journal articles should include place of
publication. The following journal article by our late colleague Jonas
Greenfield may serve as an illustration:

Greenfield J.C. 1978. The Dialects of Early Aramaic, JNES 37 93-99.

Ebbe Egede Knudsen
Kochsvej 35 B
DK-1812 Frederiksberg C
E-mail: ebbek@coco.ihi.ku.dk