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Re: orion Autograph vs. copy:

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Gentle Dr Cryer--

> fred cryer wrote:

>  ...as it is clear that the scribal practices of the
> NW-semitic writing area dominated there, ...

And, of course, you are quite correct!  

> plus that the very evolved systems
> of the Greco-Roman world had not yet achieved their equivalent in
> Syria-Palestine. 

But, oh!  One does need to ask about such a startling statement such as
this.  We are looking at scribal practices in a a land with over two
thousand years of occupation by substantial empires such as Egypt,
Assyria, and Babylon--whose scribal practices had achieved remarkable
complexity and evolution long before Remus and Romulus were a twinkle in
their creators' eyes!  Ugarit, for instance, had gone into decline *13
centuries* before the DSS deposits at Kh Qumran.  Not had time for
sufficent evolution? Hmmm....

> ... Timothy W. Seidīs Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Website...

This is a splendid site, indeed, although I note that my original
bookmark now links nowhere; the backdoor URL is still

> ...let us allow them to retain their proprium as Syrian-Palestinian texts.

Let us indeed, and let us keep them firmly in their matrix of heritage
harking back to scribal and linguistic systems that were already
producing encyclopedias and grammar texts in BCE 2300.


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