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orion new wilfrid laurier university position

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>Subject: new wilfrid laurier university position
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>	A friend asks me to post this welcome news to the group.
>				Steve Mason,
>				Humanities, York University
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>>Michel Desjardins
>>Department of Religion and Culture
>>Wilfrid Laurier University
>>New position
>>Wilfrid Laurier University. The Department of Religion and Culture
>>invites applications for an appointment (subject to budgetary approval)
>>at the assistant professor rank, commencing July 1, 1998. Candidates
>>should have a specialization in Judaism and/or Islam, be qualified in the
>>academic study of religion, and be able to support the development of the
>>Department's graduate and undergraduate programs. Preference will be
>>given to persons conversant with the origins, historical developments,
>>and the contemporary manifestations of one or both of these traditions,
>>and who are able to contribute to the understanding of religious
>>diversity. Applicants need to show evidence or promise of teaching
>>ability, and of research and publication of sufficient quality to warrant
>>appointment to the Graduate Faculty. The candidate must have a completed
>>Ph.D. by the time of appointment. Applicants should send a letter of
>>application, curriculum vitae, and teaching dossier (e.g., course
>>evaluations, course outlines). Letters fully and candidly assessing the
>>applicant should be sent directly from three referees. Applications
>>should be sent to Christopher Ross, Chair of the Search Committee,
>>Department of Religion and Culture, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo,
>>Ontario, Canada N2L 3C5. Questions may be directed to Christopher Ross
>>(519 - 884-0710, ext. 3679), email: cross@mach1.wlu.ca). Information
>>about the Department can be found at the Religion and Culture website
>>(http://www.wlu.ca/~wwwrandc/). The deadline for receipt of all materials
>>is December 15, 1997. In accordance with Canadian immigration
>>requirements, this advertisement is directed to Canadian citizens and
>>permanent residents. Wilfrid Laurier University is committed to
>>employment equity and encourages applications from all qualified persons.
>Steve Mason, Division of Humanities (Classics/Religious Studies)
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