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RE: orion-list halakhah & method

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In other words, Herb, I take it you're trying to argue that Talmudic study
by its nature represents a closed circle of sages and problems that does not
require further historical input.  Even so, it strikes me as surprising that
no one has at least sought to use the Qumran halakhic material as support
for the double Torah tradition.  The things that I have seen about
Steinsaltz, for example, suggest that he has interests that are wider than
the world of Talmud.

David Suter
Saint Martin's College

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The explication of the babylonian Talmud requires the following of the 
keen analysis of the talmudic editors who present dalectical arguments
retorts to reconcile various problems in the talmud. Quite often these
arguments or their solutions do not seem to follow smoothely or else
appear to contravene established principles of the talmud/ a long list
authoritative teachers stretch over the centuries to explain the
assumptions of the talmudic editors and their which remove the obstacles
of the student and show with precision the various approaches of how
talmudic rabbis reconciled various contradictions in the materials they
inherited. the dss contribute nothing at all to the unravelling of the
talmudic passage. From a historical point of view, DSS help us
the antiquity of some laws but by and large it is the talmud that may
light on a passage in the DSS and not the other way around. an knowledge
of the history of mathematics will be of no use to someone struggling to
follow a specific proof in a textbook of differential calculus.

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