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Re: orion-list halakhah & method

> In other words, Herb, I take it you're trying to argue that Talmudic study
> by its nature represents a closed circle of sages and problems that does not
> require further historical input.  Even so, it strikes me as surprising that
> no one has at least sought to use the Qumran halakhic material as support
> for the double Torah tradition.  The things that I have seen about
> Steinsaltz, for example, suggest that he has interests that are wider than
> the world of Talmud.
> David Suter
> Saint Martin's College

everyone is interested in these things and archeology does shed light on
what various talmudic era items  looked like. knowing about how ovens
worked etc is very helpful and that materiasl is used. but the laws of dss
which we really do not have a handle on-- ginzberg came to the opposite
conclusion for CD than schiffman. the legal argumewnts of talmud canbe
very obtuse but dss  cannot act as a commentary. the situation is not
quite the same for NT. I have found a few examples of half arguments in
the talmud and three quarters arguments in NT that do complete eacxhother
and allow us to reconstruct the material inherited by the rabbis and used
by them for their own purposes much as NT uses the same material for its
purposes.--   but taht does not really explain the talmudic document as it
stands. the study of talmud in the aids mentioned by judy are concerned
with explicating the final product of the talmud. all of the sources she
mentioned are surprisingly helpful not only for the begiiner but for
seasoned students of taslmud as well. 

aka hbasser
Queen's University
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