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Re: orion-list Genesseret - Fishing Village AND? Hidden Tradition?

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From: George Brooks <george.x.brooks@juno.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2000 12:06 AM
Subject: orion-list Genesseret - Fishing Village AND? Hidden Tradition?

> Jack Kilmon,
> It HAS been very quite on ORION for quite a while.
> But maybe this will be a good excuse to ask you a question.  I
> was looking for a "blurb" on your website on the fishing
> village, Genesseret.
> Do you think you could add a treatment on this community?
> I am wondering if it might be one of the "sources" of the term
> "Neseret", as well as linked to the Jewish sect of "Nazor-enes"
> which could have been the source of the Essene-like Mandaeans
> and/or the school of John the Baptist.
> Since I suspect you have greate expertise in juggling these
> notions, I look forward to hearing what you might have to say
> on these topics (inter-related or not).

As you know, Genneseret is a Greek rendering of the Hebrew
knrt <kinnereth> and referred to the district on the west bank
of the Sea of Galilee south of K'far Nahum.  The name was
also extended, therefore, to the Lake.  I am not at home in
the comfort of my library so I cannot comment on whether
the village of Kinnereth, from which the district gets its name,
has a known archaeological site.
The answer to your question on any similarity between
Genneseret and Neseret is answered by this really being
a Greek word containing no Hebrew root in transliteration.
The root, however, if it was Hebrew, would have to be
N-TZ-R to relate to the "Nazor-enes" and I am of the
opinion that self-designation derives from Isaiah 11:1
since Jesus' followers believed him to be the BRANCH
that sprung from the roots of Jesse.  I get some tangential
support for the importance of Isaiah 11:1 as the source of
the name of this group from Epiphanius. In Panarion 29,
Epiphanius relates that the group was also called
IESSAIOI....there being a juxtaposition in 11:1 between
w'ncr and y$y.  They were known as the "Branchers."

That's my take....I could be wrong...I was once before.....
in 1948, I believe <grin>

I sure hope there is some mention of Kinnereth in the DSS
so Avital doesn't bite our head off.  :)



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