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orion-list Genesseret - A "nzr" tradition linked to the DSS?


First, as a reassurance to you about the relevance of this
topic to the Orion list, my question concerned links to
the "nazar-enes" of the N.T. or the "nazor-enes" of the baptizing
Mandaeans, and BOTH of these groups have striking similarities
to the Essenes, and/or the nature of the sectarian group(s) that
wrote the DSS material.  And since it is not unusual to find
helpful information when reaching out a little beyond the confines
of the DSS matrix itself to find possible answers, I hope to follow
up on your response with a few more thoughts.  I think they might
be VERY relevant in the process of identifying the writers of the

So, regarding my post, you said that the N.T. "nazor-enes"
were:   "known as the 'Branchers'."

And you also write that:
"...root [of the Greek word Gennesaret], however, if it was
Hebrew, would have to be N-TZ-R to relate to the "Nazor-enes".

What I hope to explore (since I am not expert enough to
"prove") is the possibility that the original name of Lake Gennesaret,
which was Lake Kinneroth, which probably was named after the
community Kinneroth (which means Harps), may have been 
named after the Kennites (Cain-ites) who had a reputation for
being musicians AND metal workers.

And that a "branch" of the Kennites, called the Rechabites,
would become linked with Israel, then become insinuated into
the highest priestly families, and even documented as being
Temple Musicians (presumably not a stranger to harps).

And that from the ascetic and spiritual extremes of the Rechabites
eventually emerged the Essenes - - who it would appear from any way
you look at it, wrote much of the DSS materials.  Many months ago,
I already "presented" a translation of the ancient Greek Encylopedia,
Suda, which states, without equivocation, that the Essenes are derived
from the Rechabites.

But I think we can work backwards from there and continue
to find additional support for this novel, or certainly underexplored,
line of reasoning.

Unlike other list servers, which allow for very long posts, but
only on a very narrow area of focus, ORION allows some latitude
(as long as it is justified and/or reasonable) but frowns on posts
that are too LONG.

So I will end this post now and invite comments from you or
others before proceeding.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL
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