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Re: orion-list Bannus and Josephus - John the Baptist

> Prof. Suter,
> What are you going on about?
> I too am a Christian-oriented researcher in the field of DSS 
> studies.
> I made a comment that two professors from schools with similar
> Christian "identities" (though not identical for sure) both of whom
> seem to be fixating on the idea that Bannus could **not**
> be an Essene.... while at the same time emphasizing that John
> the Baptist bears certain similarities with Bannus.
> Since neither of the aforementioned Christian researchers
> have been willing to respond as to just why it is so necessary
> to totally reconstruct Josephus's text to "prove" that Bannus
> could not be what Josephus was clearly implying he was, I
> asked the question:   do they have a common bias?  Does
> Prof. Suter or Ian have an idea that Bannus should be construed
> as part of the John the Baptist's movement?  
> Any other "nuance" or "accusation" that you think I was making
> just isn't there.  Perhaps you could just answer the question?
> Prof. Suter can you tell me that you think the odds are higher
> that Bannus was an Essene than a Disciple of John the Baptist?
> By the way, if you feel the odds are higher that Bannus was
> a disciple of John the Baptist, it wouldn't invalidate your work
> or your views.  It would simply tell me that you are not afraid
> of controversial findings in and of themselves.... you simply
> prefer "your" controversies over mine, that's all.
> I assure you, Prof. Suter.  I was not trying to be "out of line".
> I was trying to compare what I think is non-controversial to what
> I was wondering **you** thought was non-controversial.
> George Brooks
> Tampa, FL
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