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Re: orion-list Investigates the 3 Sects, Invests 3 Years, Joins the Pharisees

I am caught between a rock and a hard place in personal and academic terms
on this one. In personal terms, Morton Smith was my teacher; Steve Mason
was my student. In academic terms, I think both of them were wrong about
Josephus on the Pharisees. Smith sees a shift from the earlier to later
works. I find a remarkable consistency of terminology from War to Life.
Mason thinks that Josephus was consistently hostile to the Pharisees. This
is an exaggeration, at best, in my opinion. I have not yet been able to
figure out some simple formula that explains the twists and turns I see in
Josephus' remarks on the Pharisees. I guess that makes me an agnostic of
some sort. For that reason, however, I feel comfortable recommending both
Mason and Schwartz. Each has merits and has contributed important insights
of which discussants on this list should be aware.
Al Baumgarten
Bar Ilan University

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