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Re: orion-list Pliny Qumran analysis

SG wrote in part:
> 2) Dave Washburn. Your comments on the ostracon omit much. Briefly,
> omissions include noting the Cross and Eshel response to Yardeni. For my
> part, even if one brackets off the last word of line 8 as a questioned
> reading, other text of the ostracon (e.g., "in the second year" and other
> connections with serek hayahad) indicate its Essene provenance. I am sorry
> that you were misled by Norman Golb.

I've read the response, and was decidedly underwhelmed.  There 
are no "connections with serek hayahad" beyond those produced 
by wishful thinking, and I have no idea how in the world Norman 
Golb got into this discussion.  I certainly didn't mention him, I 
mentioned a photograph in Ada Yardeni's article.  However, I have 
come to expect this kind of smokescreen from SG, so I suppose I 
should thank him for not disappointing me...

Dave Washburn
A Bible that's falling apart means a life that isn't.
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