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Re: orion-list Pliny Qumran analysis (2 brief replies)

1) The suggestion that Pliny Book Seven might be an appropriate place 
for an ethnological account of a group such as Essenes is a curious one,
since Essenes are in Book Five.  What makes raising Book Seven further 
curious is that I posted on orion merely a few days ago that Book 7 (45)
notes that Marcus Agrippa was born feetfirst, which Pliny thought was a 
very bad omen generally, but that the good man Agrippa was the 
remarkable exception. Pliny knows of Agrippa's service (in government, 
army, navy, etc.). Pliny knows of Agrippa's gout. Pliny knows of an 
Agrippa oration. In Book Seven 145, Pliny explicitly names Agrippa (and 
Maecenas) as having stated some facts about the health of Augustus.
Nicolaus of Damascus, on the other hand, is absent from both Books Five 
and Seven.

2) Dear Dave Washburn,
 You wrote that the Cross and Eshel response (in Qadmoniot?) left you 
"decidedly underwhelmed." That's not a very informative response to 
their observations. I have already mentioned links with S (e.g., "the 
year 2," which is not a usual contract date formula), but I guess that 
you are not seeking to consider such ideas. As for why I mentioned Golb,
perhaps you will recall; or, you could read the connections in the 
archives, if you wish.  Good day to you.

stephen goranson

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