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orion DSS font

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  The DSS Scribal Font is now ready for download with instructions
on how to use it.  I created this font because most publications
on the texts use modern Hebrew script to render the text and then
give transliterations and translations.  I thought that if the scribal
script could be used instead, it would give students and readers
a better familiarity with the original scribal script of the text.

    There are some tricks that must be performed in your word
processor to elevate lameds, lower finials, etc.  That is
explained on the website.

    This particular font is designed from that of the Great
Isaiah Scrolls which I assume is Hasmonean....or perhaps
predating a bit.  I would like your opinion as to what other
scribal hand of the 2nd temple period differs sufficiently
to make it useful and what text best exemplifies it.  Distinguishing
between Hasmonean and Herodian has somehow eluded my eye and
perhaps some of you can give me hints on this.

    Perhaps some of you may see utility for a particular
scribal script in classroom or publications that I have not
considered.  Give me your recommendations and exemplary
texts and I will do my best to construct a font set that
best represents the script.

    This is my way of expressing my appreciation to all
of you who have been working so hard to bring DSS information
and studies "up to speed."  There are those of us in the
lay arena who appreciate your efforts and the valuable
information barrage so readily contributed in this forum.

D^“man dith laych idneh d^“nishMA nishMA
   Jack Kilmon (jkilmon@historian.net)