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Re: orion Leather, parchment, pens, etcetera

Dear Stephen Pfann,
Your DJD XX publication of 4Q298, in my opinion, is good. One unanswered
question: On page 2 you described that skin as "fine parchment." Are you
now qualifying that as meaning the fine range of "primitive parchment," or
do you describe that skin as a rare Qumran instance of parchment, strictly
	But, again, of greater interest to me, at least, and perhaps to
some others on the list interested in dialogue:
Would you tell us, please, of the progress of your work on R. de Vaux's
Qumran archaeology notes?
	And, to the list generally: I am still interested in imput on such
issues as the apparent (?) switch from rush brushes (and palettes) to reed
pens (and inkwells) and how various writing surfaces and scripts may also
have played a role in such a change.
Thank you in advance,
Stephen Goranson    goranson@duke.edu

>Probably the closest we will come to a proper term for the material used
>for most scrolls at Qumran is either skin (or hide) or "primitive
>parchment". If these terms seem irksum and one would insist on erring in
>order to use more familiar terms (in a rather loose fashion), then
>"parchment" is a certainly far better candidate than "leather".
>Stephen Pfann