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orion shipping books

Hi all, I am new to the list as the book giveaway began.

For general interest, and many of you may already know about this, there is
a way to send books anywhere in the world cheaply. I only know about this
from the USA side, but I think it is universal.

The books are wrapped in convenient packages with the address on them as
well as a statement that the postage is paid and that it is M-bag mail.

The packages are placed in one or more canvas mail bags with a label
sending all of them to one address. I recently sent a large, personal
professional library to a university in Estonia this way. The cost from the
central USA to Estonia was US$0.79 a pound. Quite a bargain, and they
arrived in fine condition.

One needs the special M-bag tags to attach to the bags. Ask your local
postal official.

Ron Parker

--Ron Parker in W. Minnesota, USA noting the birth in 1813 of Richard
Wagner about whose music it has been said - It isn't as bad as it sounds.