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new publication

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New publication :


New discoveries on the funeral practices of the Phoenicians of Arwad

Nouvelles découvertes sur les usages funéraires des Phéniciens d'Arwad

(Supplement nr 4 to Transeuphratène)

The publication of 10 new graves and 13 new sarcophagi made of terracotta
and marble, recently discovered in the area of Arwad, enlightens our
knowledge of the large funeral plastic art and the Aradian workshops of
sculpture, just as technics of weaving and sewing. The anthropological
study of skeletons and sociological study of these burials afford precious
information on funeral practices and social environment of the Phoenicians
from Arwad. 

Paris 1996. A volume 16 X 24 of 175 pages, 25 figures et 39 plates. 250FF. 

Editions GABALDA, 18 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, F-75015 Paris 

Tel : 33 1 43 26 53 55 : FAX : 33 1 43 25 04 71