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Re: orion: Scholars and Others [was: Altman and Crowder]


On 19-DEC-1997 17:47:14.8 orion said to VCBROWN
   > By the criteria I laid out in my previous message, both are trained,
   > competant scholars.  To be a scholar is to have the training and the
   > intellectual ability to participate in scholarship.  To do (publish)
   > scholarship is to enter into a debate or discussion with other 
   > scholars. To be a scholar does  not necessarily make one "right."
	That sounds pretty simple, Paul, but who decides when an indiv
has "the training?" It's an ongoing process as your mentors will be glad 
to tell you. 
	On a tangental issue, even if an indiv is a recognized scholar
in a particular field, that does not make him competent in others. How
often have you known of an indiv to overstep their area of expertise?
	A note on credentials: I've known folks for whose credentials I
would not give a dime. I am astonished that such-and-such univ hired
them. One can spot a real scholar by what he *knows,* even if one dis-
agrees with him.

Virgil Brown