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New publication :


Studies in Phoenician weights

Recherches sur les poids phéniciens


Paris 1997 472 Phoenician weights dating from the VIIIth to the IIIrd cent.
B. C., half of them still unpublished, are presented in this book. Their
study has enlarged the epigraphical corpus with new inscriptions and added
new motifs to the iconographic material. It has enlightened technics of
fabrication, counterfeiting and practices of weighing, and showed an
important stage in the history of balances preceeding the invention of the
steelyard. Some workshops have been identified, together with their types
and periods of production. The relations between the Phoenician weight
systems and the other ones in Transeuphratene, mainly Hebrew and Syrian,
were carefully defined. As to the metrological study, the central point in
a book related to weights, a specific methodology has been developped,
adapting statistical models to Phoenician weights. It allowed to suppress
several "metrological phantoms", used as wrong bases for theories on Near
Eastern trade, and to establish on reliable new bases Phoenician metrology
; this will be also most helpful for numismatics studies. 

Chapter I : Survey of weight systems used in Transeuphratene 

Chapter II : First tentative catalogue of Phoenician weights 

Chapter III : Analysis of inscriptions 

Chapter IV : Study of iconography 

Chapter V : Balances and weighing practices 

Chapter VI : Craftmen and forgers 

Chapter VII : Geographic distribution and elements of chronology 

Chapter VIII : Phoenician weight metrology 

A volume 16 X 24 of 400 pages and 45 plates. 590FF 

Editions GABALDA, 18 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, F-75015 Paris 

Tel : 33 1 43 26 53 55 : FAX : 33 1 43 25 04 71