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Re: orion Re: ORION Variations

Dear Rochelle,
On the question whether an author did his own scribal work, you excluded
contracts, correspondence, "inspired" writing and, perhaps, variations
which amount to partly rewriting a text (e.g., in some 1 and 4QS copies).
You wrote: "The question is about Biblical texts." Are any of the above
categories found in Biblical texts? Which texts were Biblical (=canonical?)
at Qumran? And did that change over time at Qumran? Even Qumran copies of
torah books are not identical. If some books gradually became canonical
would you predict a transitional time when an author/scribe division would
not be clearly adhered to? Would you predict a time in which canons of how
to scribe the canon were in formation? Even then, would these rules apply
only to copies intended for a particular use (and no.e.g., to excerpts)? If
canonicity takes time, would that account for the "lack of evidence" of
identical mental and physical authorhood (since the original author(s) of a
canonical text would likely be gone by the time it was declared canonical)?
Are you saying we can determine the type of political authority of a group
based on the physical characteristics of its scribed canonical texts?
You've indicated signs of dictation. But do you still allow that copying by
sight and that authoring-and-scribing of "non-Biblical" texts are not
excluded and probable at Qumran? ("Qumran" here taken to mean Qumran
community there and elsewhere, e.g., in the [Essene] house of exile located
in the "land of Damascus," east of the Jordan and north of Judah.)
	Typed by my hands on a keyboard which only reluctantly delivers the
letter "u" and as I  only temporarily avoid another obligation.
Stephen Goranson    goranson@duke.edu
P.S. It is, of course, possible (even probable) that *some* texts once at
Qumran were removed before its destruction and/or retreived afterward.
During the 66 to 73 or 74 CE war many dies and many fled (some to the east
of the Jordan probably; Essenes lived there earlier and later, reportedly).
If some texts were taken before, would they probably include relatively
important texts and relatively new copies of  in good condition an/or
revered autograph (?) texts by past "inspired" leaders?
P.S.S. (=P.P.S.) OK, there's some speculation here. Test at will, but
testing *as a repeatable chemistry experiment* is not available in all