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Re: orion Several

Mark Dunn wrote:
>...why do you need to postulate a whole generation for production of a
>substantial part of the material.....
SGoranson:  One would not need to postulate a longer time period in a
hypothetical case, but the evidence here (C14, paleography, variant texts,
number of hands, archaeology) compells a longer period of production.

Mark Dunn:
> ... Perhaps the scrolls just weren't that important in
>the overall scheme of things.
SGoranson: Important to whom? The texts make more than casual claims. The
group was entered by initiation and giving of all one's property.  People
taking a oath to enter a group with strict rules generally think something
important obtains.

Mark Dunn:
>are several events during which a library might have been moved from there,
>e.g. (1) when Herod and ten bands of soldiers (5 Roman and 5 or Jewish
>origin) came to Jericho only to find that it had been deserted
SGoranson: If Herod really wanted to obtain these books--a doubtful
premise--he would have had a good chance for success. Proposing such early
dates overlooks the archaeology and later texts.

Stephen Goranson   goranson@duke.edu