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orion Re: ORION Variations

Philip Davies wrote:
   >I am happy to debate almost any theory with anyone, but statements
   >like "we have no evidence that...' do anger me.

Um, until we do have evidence, we have none. Rephrasing this as
we lack evidence for X is simply stuffed owlry.

   >We have no evidence
   >that Rochelle Altmann is not a Martian with three green heads.
   >Since we have no evidence that Martians cannot disguise their
   >appearance, and learn to behave exactly like humans, shy shold I
   >believe I am debating with a human being?

Actually, I go around disguised as a little old lady wearing tennis
shoes.... whether or not that makes me a human being is another question.

   >So: we have no evidence that scribes write other than by dictation
   >We have no evidence that all scribes always wrote by dictation
   >Therefore, we know that sometimes scribes wrote from dictation, and
   >that is all.

We are not referring to correspondence and contracts. The question is
about the Biblical texts. To line up everything that has come up:

             We have evidence from primary sources that the physical act
                        of writing and the mental act of writing were
                        considered quite distinct.
             We have evidence from primary sources that "inspired" authors
                        considered themselves to be merely physical
                        writers - scribes.
             We have no evidence AT THE MOMENT from primary sources that
                        those performing the physical act of writing also
                        performed the mental act of writing.
             Therefore, we need more evidence....

and that is hardly anything to be angry about.

   >Thank you.

Your welcome,


BTW, There is only one 'n' in my name.
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