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Re: orion Chinese connection heist

>   This is my third attempt to get this posted on Orion. Third time's the
>charm, or is it three strikes and you're out? Well ... here goes.
>    I read with interest Dr. Kraft's "copyrighted" post extensively quoting
>private reports prepared for and addressed to Neil Altman in 1990 and this
>month, and I can't help but wonder if that is really kosher? Certainly, as
>an early member of this list, I do not recall having seen this done before.

Of course it's not kosher -- it stinks!  I learned recently by chance that
an individual  (who shall for the present remain nameless)  may be planning
to pull the same dirty trick on ME  by writing for publication a response
to topical comments I have made  on a newsgroup chatlist --not,  I  hasten
to add,  this one --  so far as I know.

Anyone who has the monumental hutzpah to do that (usually in an attempt to
force a spurious, bogus "engagement" with the ideas of a person who has
explicitly refused -- for excellent reasons -- to engage in a debate with
the miscreant in question) -- and no matter whether the malfeasant (or
even, perhaps, tortfeasor - we may see in due course!) uses private
communications or whether he/she includes  off-the-cuff listpostings for
this purpose, is not operating on a level playing field.  In my opinion,
he/he  deserves to have an account of his/her underhanded conduct published
in Gath, Ashkelon and everywhere else -- so that the unethical behavior in
question can be made known to everyone who might theoretically become a
target.. .....

So, yes, I agree with the above comment 100%

Judith Romney Wegner