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Re: orion Chinese connection heist

This is in response to David Crowder.
>     I read with interest Dr. Kraft's "copyrighted" post extensively quoting
> private reports prepared for and addressed to Neil Altman in 1990 and this
> month, and I can't help but wonder if that is really kosher? Certainly, as
> an early member of this list, I do not recall having seen this done before.

   I recall an incident that involved a Ph.D. student here at Emory who
delivered a paper at a national meeting in her field. A well-established
scholar was in the audience and heard her presentation. The
well-established scholar subsequently published a paper on the topic,
using the information that he heard in her paper, without giving her any
credit for having the idea first. Since that time, she copyrights all her
papers or anything for public distribution. Perhaps Dr. Kraft wishes to
protect the people he quotes who may intend to publish on the topic. It
seems to be a cautious, thoughtful thing that he has done.
   What has been my primary source of disappointment in this Dead Sea
Scrolls List is how quickly list members become heated in their exchanges
and responses to others' postings. If I weren't intensely interested in
the scrolls, I would have signed off quite some time ago. I also am a
member of the ANE list. The members are far less inclined to take offense
at others' posts, and the atmosphere is far more cordial. While, I don't
think David Crowder makes this kind of post very often (this is the first
post I remember that criticizes another member of the list), I find it
tiresome to read so many posts that accuse others of misbehavior. I find
it tiresome to read posts that go beyond scholarly discussion and become
heated, personal exchanges. 
   Unfortunately, those who are publishing in the field of ancient studies
cannot always rely on their colleagues to observe appropriate rules of
citation. Most of us do give credit to ideas that did not originate with
us. Dr. Kraft's post accomplishes the dissemination of information while
protecting the ideas and publications of his colleagues. Surely that is
always appropriate.

-- Best wishes, 

   Sarah J. Melcher
   Ph. D. Candidate
   Emory University