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Re: orion Chinese connection heist

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Judith Romney Wegner wrote: 
>Of course it's not kosher -- it stinks!  I learned recently by chance that 
>an individual(who shall for the present remain nameless) may be planning
>to pull the same dirty trick on ME by writing for publication a response
>Judith Romney Wegner 

Is this another screw up with the keyboard? Or has Orion gone to a
gossip/chat room?

Whether it is a mistake or not - it begs protest.  This is so off-topic,
vindictive and accusatory - I wonder if assessments of "lack of
professionalism" are not herein proven, above. Take it to a court of law.

I plead with the moderator to intercede. This 'scholar' should be kicked
off the list.

Let us get on with learning! 


drew o. odegaard
University of Minnesota, Duluth.