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Re: 68 CE

     The destroyed around 68 CE is accepted by most authors I read. The 
real question, in view of the fact that no final archeological report may 
ever be forthcomming, see this month's BAR, is was this the real/final/last
time that the site was used by "anyone". Since the coins found originally 
were stolen/sold/"missing" any evidence from them is conjecture and "gone".
I gravitate towards the use of the "fort"/site up to and including the
Bar Kochba revolt. If the political situation ever changes and the man 
and wife team trying to make sense of the DeVeau notes are given even the 
slightest bit of cooperation, we may end up with a feeble, inaccurate and 
slanted, but better than nothing, report. I'm not holding my breath.
     Unless and until every one of the scrolls is carbon dated, I refuse 
to believe anybody knows any more than "I/we" do about the age of the 
scrolls. If you want to read a really scholarly work written by one of 
the top scholars of the time, read: "The Dead Sea Scrolls and Modern 
Scholarship" by the eminent Soloman Zeitlin. The book makes sense. The 
problem is that his premise and his scholarship were based on logic of 
the time and not scientific, proveable fact. He was good, but he was wrong.

     I like the way you think. Keep thinking that way. Someday someone
will stop talking and do the obvious. If you want to know how big 
something is you measure it! If you want to find out how old something is,
stop blustering, and carbon date it ALL.

Dick Ferman