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68 CE

If i understand it aright, the archaeological informations thus far at
Qumran indicates that the site was occupied BCE, abandoned, and reoccupied
CE and destroyed 68 CE.

This brings about a question (for which I hope I am not excoriated or

If we are positing occupation BCE is it not possible that some caves were
used by these occupants and then, when the site was reoccupied (by Ebionite
Christians?) could they have not used other caves for storage as well; so
that what we have is not 1 library from one sect but 2 libraries from 2 sects?

That some of the documents use self designations such as "The community of
the new covenant" (!) is what causes me to wonder about a Christian occupation.

(sorry to those offended by my ignorance).




Jim West, ThD
Petros TN