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Re: AW: onias temple

If we translate the DSS into modern dress it becomes very easy to understand
the Dead Sea Scrolls.
The temple is Yankee  Stadium,  ( which George Steinbrenner wants to tear
The onias temple is Atlanta County Stadium (Braves field which will be torn
down this year).  
All of the above is based upon the Yankees Win In Six thread on this list.
The Dead Sea is the Salt Lake in Nevada.
The Sadducees are the strict constructionists,  Conservative Republicans, who
have at least a half dozen Constitutional Amendments that they want to see
enacted.   The Pharasees are the too Liberal Democrats.
The "mob" in the NT are the media around Richard Jewell, the "notbomber".
(Notice no space between the last word and the definite article "the" is
missing, in fact there is no room for "the" at all !!
The wicked priest is (pick one) George Steinbrenner or Bill Clinton (NFTA,
Welfare reform, Whitewater or, 900 FBI files or whatever) or Ted Turner
because he is trying to deny that enlightened newspaperman a designated for
public use channel for commercial purposes channel in New York City for an
all news cable channel.
If the overseas members of the list do not understand some of these American
references, it just shows why people from one time and place have difficulty
translation to another time and place. 
Incidently,  speaking about the derivation of the Essenes, if Columbus
discovered the New World, why isn't it North and South Columbia instead of
North and South America, obviously a scribal error. 
Mr. Justice Oliver W. Holmes, one of America's great judges, said :
"A page of history is worth a volume of logic."
He also said something about an idea being a "seamless (World Wide ? ) web",
but that  is another story.
Steve Abramowitz