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Re: Names of the Angels, Herod-Era DSS

Russell Gmirkin:
>I agree with the entire above construction.  I can accept provisionally 
calling the original Maccabean-era  sectarians as Zadokite Hasidim, 
i.e. Hasidim that looked to the leadership of Zadokite priests.  And I 
believe that both the Essenes and Sadducees acepted the halakhah 
of the original sectarians.  The Essenes I see as more direct inheritors 
of the earlier traditions, perhaps some still living in exile at a late 
date, while the Sadducees I see as being more closely connected to the 
Jerusalem temple cult (largely for economical reasons) and hence 
alienated from the more stringent Essenes.  MMT I see as an appeal 
from the Essenes to the Jerusalem leader of the Sadducees temple cult 
to abandon Pharisee practices.  The Jerusalem leader I think was probably 
Hyrkanus, who switched from Pharisee to Sadducee practice.

At least that's my construction.<

That's about the way I understood Qimron.  Glad to find that my impression 
was in the ballpark.  Thanks.

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