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Re: AW: onias temple

>If we translate the DSS into modern dress it becomes very easy to understand
>the Dead Sea Scrolls.
>The Sadducees are the strict constructionists,  Conservative Republicans,[...]

I disagree, since the Sadducees were collaborators with the Romans and were 
not neccessarily conservative, adopting many Hellenistic ideas.

>The Pharasees are the too Liberal Democrats.

Again, I disagree.  Pharase comes from Prushim, meaning separate, they did 
not adopted the Hellenistic culture and their aim was to preserve Jewish 
culture and religion.  Some were stricter than others (Shammai's school vs 
Hillel's school). That makes them in some ways more conservative then the 
Saduccees who adopted Hellenistic culture and did what the Romans asked.

>The wicked priest is [...] Bill Clinton [...] 

Since you placed Pharisees as Democrats, which I disagree with, and since 
the priesthood was run by the Saducees, this identifying the wicked priest 
with Bill Clinton does not work.

>Steve Abramowitz
>JD NYU Law.

Gretchen A. Shapiro Haas