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Re: random dss ?? - PsSol

According to Ian Hutchesson:
> I have a few questions that perhaps some of the kind souls on the list might
> be able to answer for me.
> 6. Has there been indications of any of the Psalms of Solomon (eg Pompey in
> the temple is a possibility)?
As far as the first part of your question goes, I am assuming that you are 
asking if the PsSol have shown up at Qumran. As far as I know, having
looked into it a bit, PsSol haven't been established among the finds at
Qumran. If we had a Hebrew text of PsSol, it might be possible to match
one or two word fragments of the DSS to PsSol. 

> Thanks for any help on any of these.
> Yours, all,
> Ian Hutchesson

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