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Re: Nabonidus

Jeff Tigay asked for at re-send letter of my Nabonidus post.

Here we go again:

Where to find the Prayer of Nabonidus in modern translation as well as in DSS original Aramaic (or Hebrew)?

Is the general opinion among DSS scholars that this text (Prayer...) depends on Daniel 4, or is it rather the other way round?

Gunnar Stacke
research student of the Old Testament, University of Lund, Sweden

Among the responses to this post Avigdor Horovitz mentions interesting connections to Mesopotamian texts about the moon god Sin. Horovitz has also recently pointed out on this list several other influences on the DSS, that might have Akkadian background.

Some questions here: How, and through what channels and during what periods can these Mesopotamian cultural and other influences have come to Palestine and the DSS milieu?