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Dead Sea Scrolls Live on Tuesdays on the Web

		A N N O U N C E M E N T

	        Live on the Internet every Tuesday Night

	" Mysteries of the Bible Revealed and Resolved"

Contrary to the popular opinion created by Time and Newsweek, every
historical event in the Tanakh can be found in the archaeological and
historical records of the Near East when the revised chronology is taken
into account. All events from Sodom and Gomorrah, through the captivity
in Egypt, the subsequent conquest of the land of Canaan to the story of
Esther will be presented in its archaeological and historical context
and the Biblical account shown to be completely accurate.

Every Tuesday night, one topic will be presented live on the Internet
starting in January 1997 with visuals, expert interaction and debate by
all who wish to be involved. Each topic will be presented to enable the
widest possible audience to understand and participate. Moderated by
experts in each field. 

 Please inform all your friends and ask them to send their e-mail address
for ongoing information.

Some topics to be covered include:-

Creation vs. Evolution
Codes in the Torah.
Sodom & Gomorrah: 1.5 million bodies found!
The Famines of the Patriachs- In Egyptian Records!
The Pyramids and The Sphinx, tombs or .......?
Who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?
Dan, Dan, The Travelling Man
The Hyksos/The Israelites.
The Jericho Story:- The Bible and the Archaeology match at last.
The City of David found.
Solomon's Family- a son in Egypt!
Raiders of the Lost Ark:- Found.
Hear Oh Israel, Where Oh Israel?...The Lost tribes....found.
Ezra and The Great Assembly?
The Aleph-Bais, alphabet or Holy Language?
Esther the truth at last.
The Dead Sea Scrolls, a mystery solved.
The Messiah in Prophesy and Reality.
The Times of the End.