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Re: The Gospel of St. Harold Bloom

 tian".  So far, so bad, yet for reasons I don't understand, Bloom
> describes Smith as the "greatest and most authentic of American
> prophets", while dismissing as "weird" his near contemporary,
> William Miller, who also had a vision, founded a sect and predic-
> ted the end of the world on Oct 22, 1844.
>   Yet the major difference between the two, the church and the
> sect, at that smith, more canny than Miller, sanctioned polygamy
> and never put a dater to his millennium, and the Mormons made it
> while the Millerites didn't:  Mormons, 9,000,000; Millerites, 0.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but since the Seventh-day
Adventists and the Advent Christians, among others, are
direct descendents of William Miller's movement, the
Millerites score is somewhat higher than O.

John Kissinger
Alvernia College Library