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Alexander Jannaeus, history vs. construct

I recently wrote:

>There are also Talmudic (Mishnaic?) references to Simeon b. Shetah going
>exile to Alexandria under AJ and being recalled under Salome, in connection 
>with the persecution of the Pharisees (cf. Ant. 13.408-409=13.16.2). 
> [I apologize if my memory on this point may be slightly inaccurate, as I do

>not have the exact citations in front of me.  Perhaps 
>someone else on the list can help out here.]  

The correct quote and citation is:

"When Jannai the king [i.e. Jannaeus] killed out Rabbis, R. Jehoshua ben
Perahjah and Jesus fled to 
Alexandria of Egypt.  When there was peace, Shim'on ben Shetah sent to him,
'From me 
[Jerusalem] the city of holiness, to thee Alexandria of Egypt [my sister].
 My husband stays in 
thy midst and I sit forsaken.'" b. Sanh. 107b.

-- Russell Gmirkin