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Re: Josephus & DSS

>Nobody would be called so-and-so hatsedeq; you're correct on that score.  
But a person can be called so and so, the something-of  tsedeq   In the 
expression moreh hatzeddeq, moreh is construct (smikhut), the vowel 
represented by the "e" being not tsere but segol.  Hence, literally, 
"teacher-of" righteousness, obviously requiring the noun tsedeq and not 
the adjective tsaddiq.  It is true that this is a Hebrew idiom which 
semantically signifies "righteous teacher" -- but that is a matter of 
idiom, and does not magically turn the noun tsedeq into the adjective 

Thanks for the help.

>As for the relative merits of transliteration versus what you call
"phonemicizing", I don't see the value of the latter on a list like Orion 
where people must by definition have enough Hebrew to engage in the work, 
and thus are not in the category of ill-informed laypersons whom you appear 
to have in mind....  So I don't think you need to worry about it at the 
level you discussed.<

I didn't appreciate the difficulty scholars would have relating to a simple 
system demonstrated to relate better to spoken Hebrew, especially when 
referring to well- solved words and Modern Hebrew.  (Relative to the latter, 
Klein's Etymological, for one, will inform you which is which, Ian.)  In any 
case, I'm not trying to change Orion. I simply thought that the difficulty 
in relating to it was being unreasonably exaggerated.  I'll do my best to 
eliminate vowels if that will satisfy Orion participants.  Since I'll be 
retaining phonemicization in my other publications I can't promise I won't 
occasionally slip on Orion; but I will try, and I ask your indulgence if I 
occasionally slip.  I noticed in my last post, for example, several times I 
had to go back and revise Ya'akov to Ya'aqov.  In future I guess that will 
be Y'QB.

Thanks for your patience.

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