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Re: Josephus & DSS

>> I'd welcome the evidence as my impression is that it would be reasonably
> compatible with the N'tzarim orientation.  My impression was that 
> made an attempt to bridge the differences of Oral Law between the Qumran
> Tz'dokim ma'aseh AND the P'rushim halakhah, eventually determining that
> P'rushim halakhah should dominate (NRM 23:1-3).<<

>	The "snag" here is that you are looking to Secacah (Qumran) for the
association.  Look instead to the Assaya in the Upper City.<

I'm not arguing because I still don't understand your position.  What snag? 
And what are you referring to?  "Assaya," it would seem, is still 
speculative isn't it?  What source are you referring to?  What am I 
to find in the Upper City?  Please elaborate.

>	The leaders of the Assaya were called "Teachers of Righteousness"
after their founder in the time of Hyrcanus.  I believe Ya'akov was this 

While I'm not in the mainstream in maintaining that Khonyo (Onias) III was 
the first in a series of MoREY TZEDdiq, and while it may be mainstream 
consensus that the founder of the Assaya was from the time of Hyrcanus, this 
hasn't been established.  To "believe" Ya'aqov was their leader, however, 
isn't enough to build further.  Until this is established, the rest is 

>The "betrothal" of Assaya/Netzarim would have been followed as well by 
their Egyptian counterparts, the Therapeutae.  This gave rise to the various 
Gnostic groups in Egypt and explains why a fragment of "proto-John" was 
found there as early as 95 BCE to 120 CE (Rylands papyrus).<

	First, establish that Ya'aqov, the N'tzarim paqiyd, and the leader 
of the Assaya (Yosef, as per Judith?) were identical.  Then there'll be 
something to discuss relative to some "betrothal" between "Assaya/ Netzarim" 
and the Therapeutae.  If there's any compelling evidence it would be helpful 
to present it.  While a connection may be plausible, I still don't see one.  
While I'm interested in all of the answers I don't pretend to have all of 
them already.  Perhaps some others can help us in this respect?

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