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Re: 4Q Therapeia

>Dear Ed,
>You may be right in the following statement, but you don't have any
>precedents from among the dss corpus and I think you would be pushing **it
>up hill to justify a student text among the other documents found. Look at
>those other ANE sites: where were the scribal exercises found? Almost
>unanimously not in royal archives, but in side caches, in store rooms. If
>the dss cache were a selective body of documents then there would be no room
>for a scribal exercise. Then again, if deposit in cave 4 were a willy-nilly
>last-minute hurried affair, then it may be possible.
>>Any text that consists of two lines of the alphabet, a series of proper
>>names, and a string of non-words is clearly a scribal exercise.  There are
>>lots of them known from the ANE.
>Ian Hutchesson

If the scrolls were, indeed, produced at Q, why only one 'scribal
exercise'? and if we have a sakekeeping scenario, why safekeep a scribal

Eric Forster