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Dear Fellow covenanters,
I have no intentions of casting aspresions or doubts on the suggestions 
of Esti Eshel- a former student, a good friend, and a young scholar who 
is developing admirably.  But I  can't help but thinking that the idea of 
the Qumaran community calling itself Yahad was propounded many years ago 
by her teacher and mine Shemaryahu Talmon in an article in Vetus 
Testamentum (?). As I remember he related the term to Deuteronomy 33:5 
wayhi bishurun melek behit'asef rashey am YAHAD shivtey yisrael. He (YHWH) 
became king in Jeshurun (=Israel) when the heads of the people gathered 
together// the YAHAD of the tribes of Israel".  This verse was not 
construed to be reflective of the sectarian term yahad but either served 
as or somehow was related to the linguistic precedent of the Sectarian YAHAD.
So the ostracon, if read properly, would support Talmon's suggestion.  If 
the reading is not correct it is most likely dependent of Talmon's 
influential theory.  What ever the, esty can be relied upon to present 
the evidence in the most objective and expedient way possible.  We will 
not have long to wait, and the material presented will be legible to all 
and left for all to read, judge, and fight about (especially the last!)
Shanah tovah!
Avigdor Hurowitz