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Re: Re: Ezra-Neh

On Fri, 02 Aug 1996 23:23:33 AST, tsimms@mailserv.nbnet.nb.ca writes:
>On         Fri, 02 Aug 96 17:09:33 EDT,  PWEGNER@BROWNVM.brown.edu writes:
>>>The judgement in
>>Egyptology is that many people were literate.<
>> So what?  The mere fact that women were literate in a given society does
>>not force (or even lead to) the conclusion that women in that society must
>>necessarily have had a hand in the writing of religious texts!  That depends
>>on a whole bunch of other criteria involving, inter alia, the status of women
>>in the public cultural domain. Literacy is not enough, in a society run by
>>men, to ensure the participation of women  in the development of the literary/
>>religious/political or any other public aspects of the culture.
    When the literature Bithiah must have brought with her to Solomon
    appears in Solomon's writings, the work speaks for itself.  I wish 
    she were launching a copyright case, I'd love to help her with it!

    As to the argument she was living in a man's world, that too doesn't
    hold water.  Sorry to contradict you, but a piece on women's power in
    Egypt is too long - and too off topic - for this board.  Bloom has 
    outraged a lot of people, I see, but his scholarship credentials are
    awesome otherwise.  Examine the thesis carefully, if necessary take an
    outsiders view, as I do, and see if it doesn't make sense.  Your "so
    what" may be the mark of a frozen mind!  You don't follow it with anything
    but a unjustified putdown of ancient women in Israel.  Where is youyr

>Tom Simms
>>Judith Romney Wegner, Providence