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Re: Re: Ezra-Neh

>As to the argument she was living in a man's world, that too doesn't
hold water.  Sorry to contradict you, but a piece on women's power in
Egypt is too long - and too off topic - for this board.  Bloom has
outraged a lot of people, I see, but his scholarship credentials are
awesome otherwise.  Examine the thesis carefully, if necessary take an
outsiders view, as I do, and see if it doesn't make sense.  Your "so
what" may be the mark of a frozen mind!  You don't follow it with anything
but a unjustified putdown of ancient women in Israel.  Where is youyr

The first part of the above has  nothing to do with me, but appears to be
responding to some earlier poster whom I cited in my message.  As for the
second remark, it should be obvious  to anyone with a grain of intelligence
that Bloom's credentials, however "awesome", have zip to do with either
women's studies or bible studies and are therefore irrelevant to a judgment
of "The Book of J" -- except in so far as they support a negative judgment.

As to your last comment, you apparently have failed to understand that any
"putdown"that might be presennt here) is a putdown, not of women, but of
the male rulers of patriarchal cultures that have put women down!  (So, I
can't help wondering exactly whose mind is "frozen" here!)

As for my "evidence", it comprises the language and content of the entire
Hebrew Bible.  Take a leaf out of your own book, and read carefully.  Also,
try reading the large body of religious feminist scholarship on biblical
literature and (if you read with an unfrozen mind, you'll attain insights
that will astonish you).  I myself have written extensively on these
subjects, but obviously my work (even though published by O.U.P.) is unknown
to you.

Judith Romney Wegner
Connecticut College