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Number of women at Qumran, was Re: smtp mail warning

> From: YRUSALEM <yrusalem@actcom.co.il>

> I was sitting next to Magen Broshi today so I asked him about the earlier 
> question on my quoting his reasons, and conclusions as to why we are 
> dealing with a monastary at Qumran. He reaffirmed my notes as quoted 
> earlier. 52 burials dug up. 8 women only. 

This clarifies the previous misunderstanding. The "15" referes to women _and_
children. Hence, 8 women, 7 children among the 52 dug-up graves.

These 8 were at the margins, 
> with bones heaped rather than laid supine, with iron nails nearby 
> indicating repackaging for reburial. 

No mention of wooden coffins, by any chance? Otherwise, what would be the 
function of nails?

Best, Asia